Good Parenting Depends on Personality

If one of your children is out-of-control and the other is almost completely self-sufficient, you might find that changing your parenting approach for each child will yield better results. A new study challenges the way kids with different personalities are guided through childhood and suggests that parenting should match a child’s personality.

Over 200 moms in Seattle took part in a study that lasted three years, in which researchers observed their parenting. The researchers measured levels of anxiety and depression in children each time they visited the families and made note of each child’s personality and each mother’s parenting style. They essentially split the parenting styles into two types: laissez faire or authoritarian. The children were observed for their level of self-control in addition to their general emotional state. Researchers found that when parents matched their parenting style to the child’s individual personality, the children had lower levels of anxiety and depression.

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